Terms & Conditions

Privacy and Confidentiality:

  1. Orka Living is a Professional Decluttering and Organising service that takes pride in our Code of Ethics ensuring that all areas of the project are treated with complete privacy and confidentiality. Any information collected will solely be used for the purposes of enhancing our client experience. We value and respect the rights of all who visit our site, engage our services and ensure that all information collected is done following all legal guidelines, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  2. Orka Living is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as a data controller (ref no ZB256130) to ensure adherence to data protection laws. Client details will be used to supply services, process payments and to inform the client of any services provided by Orka Living that may be relevant to their needs.
  3. As a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) Orka Living team members will always adhere to the APDO Code of Ethics. Should we come across any personal information during a session (which often happens in this line of work), we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients are confident that all information will be always treated with the strictest of respect and confidentiality (irrespective of who instructs or pays for the services.)
  4. For the personal safety of our team, the client’s name and address may be made available to an Orka Living Representative whilst on site at the client’s address.
  5. We will also ask for an emergency contact name and number for the client in the event of an emergency during a session. We ask that if you have any medical conditions, that could put you at risk during a session, that you make us aware in advance of the booking.

Insurance and Limitations:

  1. Orka Living holds full Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £5,000,000 and Public and Products Liability insurance up to £5,000,000.
  2. During the sessions we will offer guidance and support to help in the decluttering and organisational process, but full responsibility of what items should remain and what should be disposed of lies with the client.
  3. Once any items, identified by the client for disposal, have been removed from the property, they cannot be returned.
  4. Orka Living will not value any items for resale but can make suggestions of professionals who can offer advice on such items before deciding whether to remove an item. As we are not valuers or antique dealers, we cannot be held responsible for any decisions taken by the client during a session.
  5. All members of the Orka Living team will operate with due care and respect while in your property. In the unlikely event that there is any accidental damage, loss or destruction (including digital files), the client indemnifies Orka Living and will cover the cost of any damage or repairs through their own insurance providers.
  6. Orka Living will not be responsible for the cost of repairing any pre-existing damage discovered during our sessions.
  7. Orka Living will strive to ensure that items are placed in a suitable location that works for the client. Our team will not be responsible for remembering the location of all the client’s belongings, particularly after the project is complete.
  8. The client is aware that the services provided by Orka Living are in no way to be construed as psychological counselling or therapy. The client will also be aware that the decluttering process may evoke some difficult emotions and should be prepared to confront these feelings. Our team will do their best to support the client to work through these.
  9. Orka Living cannot lift heavy furniture or items, or carry out any DIY tasks. The client should make the appropriate arrangements if such work is required. Any services or trades, (whether recommended by Orka Living or not), are the client’s responsibility. Contractual arrangements should be drawn up directly between the client and the service provider in question. Orka Living will not accept any responsibility for the additional trades’ performance nor any loss or damage incurred through their engagement.
  10. In the event that the client requires ongoing and regular support beyond the initial expectations, Orka Living may, with full agreement of the client, bring in additional or alternative representatives to fulfil the project’s requirements and to support the client’s energy and motivation levels.


  1. Through our sessions we will offer advice where appropriate, but it will remain the client’s decision as to whether to accept or reject this advice. If the client chooses not to accept the advice, we will work with them to find an alternative solution. Orka Living cannot therefore accept responsibility for the consequences of these decisions.
  2. In the event that we may come across items of high market value we will always take due care and attention to the best of our efforts. The client will acknowledge that we do not have the expertise to identify such objects. If you require more specific information on such items, we are happy to make enquiries about the appropriate services on your behalf.
  3. Disposal of any items will not take place without authorisation from the client. You will accept responsibility for all items disposed of in the decluttering process. Items to be removed from your property must be done at your own discretion unless otherwise agreed. Where there are many items to be disposed of, we can advise on organisations who can uplift these for you. We can also arrange to shred paperwork for the client (for an agreed fee). Once agreed items have left your home, it is not possible to return them back. (I.e., if you change your mind.)

Personal Preferences:

It is often motivating for clients to see their start and end points on a project. For this reason, we may take before, during and after photographs during the engagement.

These can often be motivating to others too, so we ask that you advise if you would be happy to consent to these photographs being used by Orka Living to share your successful projects through our website and social media channels. Photographic evidence will always be anonymous with any identifying/sensitive aspects omitted or screened as appropriate.

  • I agree to before and after photos being taken by Orka Living for their own use. Yes/No
  • I agree to before and after photos being used anonymously by Orka Living for external use (I.e. for website, social media, talks, trainings etc) Yes/No

Hours of Work:

  1. You will be charged for the hours actually worked and not travel time (within the free travel limit). We understand that the hours required may be vary and may be less or more than what is originally booked. We will keep a timesheet of the hours worked and you will only be charged for this time. You will be charged to the nearest quarter hour.
  2. For bookings where the travel distance is over 20 miles each way, you will be charged an additional fee of 45p per mile.
  3. We do not expect you to provide us with any food or drinks during our sessions and will provide our own. If a session takes place over a lunchtime, and the booking is more than 4 hours, we would agree to stop for 30 mins to break and you will not be charged for this time. Again, we will provide our own lunch.


  1. We are always looking to work with other reputable local businesses and are working to building a bank of services and trades that can support our clients. We are happy to investigate the sourcing of items or services to assist in our organising work. We cannot accept any responsibility for their services and prices meeting the client’s needs.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Both Orka Living and the client reserve the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances. If cancellation is made within 48 hours of the booked session, and no replacement session is booked, we may, at our discretion, charge 50% of the intended fee. However, this will not usually apply if your cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances. We would ask that you do not cancel should you feel demotivated or nervous on the day. As the session progresses you will feel reassured and motivated as you begin to see the results.
  2. Travel charges or further expenses paid in advance for which we cannot obtain a refund are non-refundable and will be invoiced to you at the time of cancellation.

Payment Terms:

  1. Charges for services will be levied at an hourly rate of £35/£45 per hour (Domestic/Business).  Discounts may be applied where a block booking is made. (See www.orkaliving.co.uk/work-with-me/pricing .)All payments should be made by BACS using the bank details shown on the invoice. However, we can also accept a card payment on the day via mobile card payment machine, or a cheque made payable to Julia Jamieson.
  2. Travel will be included in the booking quote for up to 20 miles each way. Any journey over 40 miles return will be charged at 45p per mile. This will be made clear before the booking is accepted.
  3. We may use various materials as a part of the process. Items including bin bags, donation boxes, labels etc will be included in our hourly rate. We may carry other items with us as an example to show you. If you choose to purchase any of these items, we can help you with this and the cost will be added to your invoice. Where we are asked to do extensive product research or purchasing, we reserve the right to charge for the time taken and the mileage travelled.
  4. All charges will be payable within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Interest at 2% per month will be charged on any balance due which remains unpaid 14 days after the invoice date.
  5. We are not registered for VAT at the present time.

Cost Notifications:

Prices may be subject to the increases from time to time. They will not impact any existing rates and scheduled sessions once a deposit has been paid.

If you would like advance notification by email of any price increase to take advantage of current rates please indicate so here:

  • I wish to join the Orka Living specific Cost Notifications mailing list.   Yes/No


Orka Living will follow the current government advice on how to work during the Covid-19 Pandemic. At this current time there is no longer any requirements for additional measures relating to Covid-19. However, we will continue to act responsibly and the following measures will be taken by Orka Living representatives to protect both our clients and our staff:

  1. I acknowledge that Orka Living has put in place the relevant preventative measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
  2. As I cannot guarantee that I will not become infected with Covid-19, I will continue to practice strict hygiene measures, I will keep socially distant and ventilate rooms where possible.
  3. If the client would feel more comfortable with either myself or both of us wearing a mask, they should inform me ahead of the visit and I will be happy to do so.
  4. I will confirm before the session that neither myself or anyone in my household is experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 as recognised by the NHS (This in includes a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss of sense of taste or smell).
  5. I will confirm before the session that to the best of my knowledge I have not been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or who is self-isolating while waiting for results.
  6. Orka Living reserves the right to decline working with a client or leave a session if I feel I cannot guarantee a safe working environment for myself and/or my clients.

As a client of Orka Living I confirm that:

  • I confirm that no member of my household is displaying one or more symptoms of Covid-19 as recognised by the NHS (This in includes a high temperature, a new continuous cough, and a loss of sense of taste or smell).
  • I confirm that no member of my household is isolating due to having symptoms of Covid-19 or has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19.
  • I confirm that no individual in my household has been advised to shield.
  • I confirm that no member of my household is deemed to be clinically vulnerable. (If someone is deemed to be clinically vulnerable, please provide further details so that we can work out how we can carry out the work required safely.)
  • I will leave all internal doors and windows open where possible to reduce coming into contact with surfaces and increase ventilation.
  • I will let my Orka Living representative know if I feel uncomfortable with any of the measures being taken during our session.
  • I confirm that all the information is correct and should any of this information change prior to the session, I will advise my Orka Living representative before the session starts. 
  • I confirm that where either party is diagnosed with Covid-19, provided that both parties adhered to the guidelines as set out above, as far as practically able, that no liability will be accepted/assumed by either myself, as a client, or by Orka Living and its representatives.

By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to release Orka Living of all responsibility should you contract Covid-19 following one of our sessions.

We are looking forward to supporting you on this journey and helping you to living the Orka Life.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions as well as the Covid-19 disclaimer as set out by Orka Living above.

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