Family Living

Well, who doesn’t love a new squishy baby or the sound of children laughing through the house? Although this will be one of the most exciting times of your lives it can also be very stressful and anxiety provoking.

New Arrivals

As a parent, I am well practiced in the art of being prepared for the new arrival (or arrivals in our case).  With an enormous amount of baby items that you will want to buy, that are handed down, and that are gifted to you, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed with stuff. I will work with you, ahead of the birth, to plan what you will realistically need. We can also help you organise the nursery/space for your new arrival, making sure that it functions practically for you, even during those 2am feeds! The last thing you want is not being able to find a nappy after the little one has an explosion!

When one becomes more!

Whether you are a one child family or have a house full of monkeys, kids accumulate ‘stuff’ like no other. Although my main aim would be to encourage people to be more responsible in their purchasing habits I am all too familiar with the mountain of toys that seem to take up space in every corner of a house.

If you are feeling inundated with kids’ stuff, whether it is in a bedroom, a playroom or just all over, I can help you to declutter unwanted items while also finding the best storage solutions for your family. I like to work with my clients, even the little ones, to make sure they are really making good choices about what to keep and finding the best way for them to access their items without causing chaos throughout the house.

When everything has a place, and everyone knows that place, tidying up can be a much simpler task.

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