Home Staging & Moving Home

Home Staging

When getting ready to sell your house, estate agents will always recommend that you declutter and tidy rooms before taking photos and having viewings. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living in your house. So, if your own clutter is on display, it becomes difficult for viewers to see their future in your home.

With great photos you are more likely to get viewers through the front door and more likely to achieve a sale if your house is looking tip top when they arrive. In addition, top of most buyer’s wish list is good storage. Show them that you are organised, and they will see that they can be organised too. Orka Living can help you work through your clutter and stage your home in a way that feels organised and inviting.

This includes decluttering, organising and advice on moving furniture and any small DIY that may help.

Moving Home

Moving home is one of the top five most stressful life events that you will experience, so to reduce stress levels it is important to be organised through the moving process.

Once you have chosen your new home and you are already mentally planning how you will decorate it, it is important not to move the items that cause you stress from one house to another.  Firstly, I will help you to declutter before the move to make sure you are only taking what you really need. Next, I will help you organise it in a way that it is easier to unpack at the other end. Finally, I can even be ready to meet you at the other side and help unpack and organise everything in your new space. I can also help you set up useful information trackers to ensure that all the relevant people are notified with your new details.

Moving In Together

Moving in together? Whether you are a couple, friends, or family, bringing two households together can be complicated.

What if you both have a toaster, a microwave, a sofa – how do you decide which to keep and how to find a balance between both styles? During our moving in together sessions, I will work with you to decide what gets a place in the new house before you move.

I can also help you to find the right solutions for the items that are not making the move. Whether items are being sold on, donated, gifted, or disposed of, I will work with the appropriate people in your area to move these on. I will then help you to organise your new space in a way that works for both (or multiple) parties.

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