Preparing for the Future & Bereavement

Preparing for the Future

When we or our family members get towards the later stages of life, or are faced with life limiting conditions, it can be difficult to think about what comes next. It is always upsetting to think about or to discuss this stage with friends or family but is something that is so important.

With care and compassion, I can help you to get your affairs in order. I can help you to declutter items so that your loved ones aren’t left with a wealth of ‘stuff’, unsure of what to do with them.

More and more people are being encouraged to make decisions in advance and really know how they want their life to be celebrated. These decisions can include places of burial, music, readings, who they want present, all decisions that can be stressful for families if the person’s wishes aren’t known. I can help you record your decisions about how you would like to say goodbye, so that your family and friends can concentrate on finding their way through their grief while feeling confident that they have been able to really celebrate the time you had together.


Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult life experiences any one person will go through. I know very well that grief can be all consuming and can prevent us from finding closure and the ability to move forward following a loss. With the peace of mind that your loved one’s items have found their way to the right home I can help you navigate these difficult times.

When you feel ready, I will help to work through the items left by your loved one and support you in identifying items that should be kept or gifted to others, items that may be able to be donated to charities or those more vulnerable, items that should be kept in the family and hold sentimental value (I will work with you to find a way to store these so that they can be enjoyed and bring comfort for years to come) and items that need to be disposed of.

I believe that although a loved one may no longer be with us, they can still find a way to hold a piece of our hearts as we stroll down memory lane.
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