Welcome to Orka Living

Hi there!

I’m Julia, mum to three small children and self-confessed organise-aholic. After leaving university I embarked on a career in television where I was quickly steered into the area of organising and co-ordinating. As I learned my craft I built a wealth of systems and tools that to this day I use to keep me on track.

I have also always had a love for property and am working towards the dream of completing our own rennovation project. I can look at the worst property on the street and see not what is in front of me but what it has the potential to become. I am at my happiest when I am breaking a space down and rebuilding it to become just how it should be.

Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to help others. I hate to see anyone struggling or going through a difficult time. Despite completing a degree in Psychology, I choose enter the world of television making. It was my goal to work in documentaries in the hope that if the subject help to educate one person in an area that they may not have previously been interested in, then that was a success in my book. I wanted to work on programmes that made a difference to people’s lives and that touched the audience.

So here I am, many years later, starting out on a new path. I have taken my passion for organisation, my love (although my husband would call it an obsession!) of all things property related, my drive for understanding people better and how they function and wanting to help them live an easier life and I have packaged it all in one neatly wrapped bundle that is Orka Living. (And I have thrown in a sprinkle of craftiness for good measure!)

I hope that our services can give you what you need to live your best life!


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