Spring Clearing Week 2022 – Invest in Yourself and Clear for Calm

Today marks the start of the APDO Spring Clearing Week 2022, where APDO (Association for Professional Declutterers and Organisers) Organisers across the UK take to promoting the benefits that decluttering and organising can bring to your life. Each year there is a theme assigned to the Spring Clearing Week and this year our theme is:

Clear for Calm

There is no doubt that many people across the world are feeling anything but calm with all the world events happening just now, so this theme feels even more important than ever. At a time where it is easy to be pulled in a million different directions, and where the feelings of being overwhelmed seem to be a part of daily life, finding time and space for calm is essential for maintaining some form of balance and peace.

What is Spring Clearing Week?

Back in 2018, APDO started the annual Spring Clearing Week to raise awareness about how being organised can help you live your best life. There is no better time than spring for clearing out as the change in season marks the start of new life. It is a time for renewal, a time for refreshing, a time where new life around us starts to pop up from months of hiding through the winter.

Spring Cleaning is a longstanding tradition that was firmly in the family calendar. From skirting boards to curtain poles, the depths of the pantry to the pots at the front door, many would give their house the full once over to make sure they were ready the warmer weather and brighter days ahead. So, while many would focus on CLEANING, we are focusing on CLEARING. By clearing out items that no longer serve a purpose in your life, you will find the Spring Cleaning, that much easier to do.

Why Clear for calm?

Our brains are constantly functioning on switched on mode, and for many it is hard to flick that off switch. However, our brains were not designed for this. They were designed to process information, to learn, to enjoy, to create, not to be a storage facility for clutter and our houses are the same. If our spaces are full of clutter, our brains will find it almost impossible to find that off switch. Consequently, if we can’t switch off, if we can’t find the space to recharge, to do things for ourselves, to be happy, then the sad reality is that we will end up in a downward spiral of despair.

So, if life feels overwhelming, if you don’t have a space in your home where you can find clarity and peace to allow yourself some ‘you time’, then now is the time to join in and Clear for Calm!

This week I will be sharing more blog posts, tips on social media and joining in the Clear for Calm Challenge to help you find out what steps you can take to create that wonderful feeling of calm in your life. To make sure you don’t miss anything, SIGN UP to our newsletter and LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram and Pinterest. May today be the start of a calmer future ahead.

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