The Effects of Being Unorganised

It is a common misconception that Professional Organisers live a perfectly organised life. However, even the pros can slip up.

For years, before I became a Professional Organiser, I was always on top of the school uniform order. Being unorganised was simply not an option. As soon as the schools finished for the summer, we would try everything on and I would order all the new items that were needed (apart from shoes because feet grow like weeds over the summer, right?!?). Everything would be ironed and hung up and ready to go well in advance of the return to school. We would stroll into the new term with not a worry at all.  

What happened to being organised?

This year has been different. I am not quite sure where the summer holidays have gone but with less than 24hrs to go before they head to the classroom, this last week has left me feeling stressed and unorganised for the return to school. School shoes were delivered just in time to try on before bed (thankfully they fit!), and I am left with four pairs of shorts that don’t fit (and a child who desperately does not want to wear trousers).  

Like for many, life has just got in the way this summer. Between going on holidays, visiting family and having people visiting us, all while working and being fulltime childcare, there just haven’t been enough hours in the day to get it all done. Don’t get me wrong, we have loved every minute, but it’s not a feeling that I like!  

So my friends, what are the effects of being unorganised?

Well for me it has increased stress levels, increased the number of tasks on my to do list, not to mention the number of tasks on said list that have not been completed on time, it has resulted in headaches and has robbed me of the chilled out last few days of the hols that we all deserve. I have indeed learned my lesson and will not allow myself to repeat this next year! What’s more is I will be sure to give you all enough reminders, tools and support to make sure you too won’t find yourself in this position either!  

It is a relief though that, come bedtime, the bags are packed, the supplied are labeled, the uniform is ironed, and the snacks are ready. While it may not have been the way I would have liked to have done it, we have got there and will live to tell the tale.  

You may ask yourself, why as a Professional Organiser, are you telling me that you have been so unorganised?

Well, I am telling you this because I think it is important for you to know that even organisers don’t have it all together, all of the time. Like everyone else, we work, we raise children, we look after family, we try to see our friends and sometimes we just can’t do it all. I am a big believer in being transparent in everything I do, so I just wanted to remind you that it is ok to let things slip, it is ok to feel stressed and overwhelmed, this is all just being part of being human. The important thing is what you do next to take back control. Personally, I have put my hand up and said to my husband, I won’t manage to get it all done so I will need some help. We were able to divvy up the tasks still to be done and we will rest easy knowing we are set for a great back to school in the morning.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?  

From our family to yours, we wish all the children heading back to school this week a great first day back! We send strength and courage to those who find this an anxious time and we send patience and gratitude to the educators who pour their love, knowledge and experience into our little humans. Whatever path you are walking, we support you and wish you an excellent year ahead.  

As I do my final check and tuck my little ones into bed, I leave you with this one question: if you are feeling unorganised, overwhelmed, stressed and just like you cannot do it all, what will you do to take back control?

Who knows, you may even want to call in a Professional Organiser to get you going!  

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